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Fatso Peanut Butter Teams up with Sex Workers to 

Help Break Stigma 


VICTORIA, BC, Tuesday, Nov 5, 2019—Fatso High-Performance Peanut Butter, in collaboration with Peers Victoria, has developed an initiative to shed light on the importance of safe and decriminalized sex work and to help address the stigma that so profoundly harms people in the sex industry.


“Owning a business is a privilege. Yes, there is hard work, dedication, and sacrifice but it’s not a solo mission and not one that, we at Fatso believe we did all by ourselves.”

-       Jill Van Gyn, Fatso High-Performance Peanut Butter Founder and CEO


Fatso has initiated a campaign with a number of Peers Victoria individuals to empower and promote body positivity and to end the stigma associated with sex work. Recognizing that communities nurture success, Fatso is conscious that the idea of community doesn’t always include marginalized and invisible groups and the organizations that seek to support them. Funding is limited and tenuous, hobbling the ability of a critical non-profit like Peers Victoria to expand their night outreach, counseling, education, and employment programming, etc. 


By donating 100% of all apparel profits indefinitely to Peers, Fatso stands with Peers Victoria and their people. It’s important to contribute when you can, and Fatso is proud to be in the position to facilitate change and education with their support and fellowship. 


Peers Victoria supports current and former sex workers. People in sex work are members of our communities and deserve the same access to safety, supports, and resources as everyone else. Established by and for sex workers in 1995, Peers Victoria has provided support, night outreach, drop-in services, harm reduction supplies, education and employment programs, meals and much more. 


“It’s important to have the support of those who are not in non-profit sector. Jill and Fatso’s understanding of the issues and commitment to addressing stigma with Peers Victoria is really inspiring.” 

-Rachel Philips, Executive Director, Peers Victoria 




Peers responds and supports a cross-section of grossly minimized social issues including sexuality, stigma and identity, the impact of colonization, community-building, health, housing, substance use and gender and sexual violence. Peers Victoria is an inclusive community that offers a welcoming space to belong. Fatso is dedicating our efforts to help lift up undervalued and marginalized non-profits and the communities they support.  


Fatso High-Performance Peanut Butter is the happy medium between the delicious, classic peanut butter we grew up loving and the fancypants (often overpriced!) nut butters of today. Fatso is loaded with all the best: healthy fats and fiber, lovable peanut butter taste, chia seeds and a hint of sweet coconut. The Victoria BC-based company has an ever-expanding international consumer base and can be found in over 600 stores across North America (and counting).  


For more information about Fatso’s commitment and mission, please contact Lindsay Van Gyn at For more information about Peers Victoria please contact Gillie Easdon at